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Parents and Children

             "Shut-up", "Get out of my face", "I am too busy". Ask yourself, "Are these words that come from the mouths of children or parents?" In today's world, these are words from both!.
             Parents and children in today's society do not usually have a loving, understanding, close relationship that most of us were accustomed to when we were growing up. My reason for this statement is due to the everyday occurrences of going out of my home and into public places. .
             Parents should first of all try to remember each and every day why they decided to have children and how blessed they are to have them. Next, everyday of their child's life, parents should provide a loving, caring and understanding atmosphere for their child to live in. Most importantly, parents, both if possible, should stay actively involved in everything their child is interested in. Everyday talks about how the child's day at school went, or what problems they may be experiencing can go a long way.
             As a parent, you should learn to respect your child the same way that you want to be respected. If a parent disciplines their child by screaming or worse by hitting and throwing objects, then the only relevant outcome of that will be their child responding to them in the same way. As a child, you are structured by your own parents" actions. Children are not the ones to blame for their bad attitudes, bad habits or bad marks, the parents are. Sometimes also the peers leave bad influence, but still I would like to write only about parents and children relationship.
             I cannot recall a time in my childhood, when either of my parents would scream or curse to get me to listen or to get my attention. I was told one, possibly two times to do something and if I did not obey, I knew the consequences of it.
             My conclusion is that adults, who are thinking of starting family today, should remember their own childhood and understand that their child is another human being.

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