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Should They Get Paid?

            Sports are played all over the world, with most organizations paying their athletes in some form of compensation. It is noted that amateur sports such as the ones located in communities do not pay their athletes as most involved in these recreational activities do not have to face the financial burden of attending school. Student athletes have multiple financial streams they must feed such as; paying for equipment, tuition, food, and all the other bills associated with living as a college student. As an athlete, one must endure practices times that can run throughout the school year. Athletes are like any other college student, most have to struggle through the difficulties of being cash strapped, and as a result of their demanding athletic and scholastic schedules, cannot carry the extra load of a job. Being an athlete is a full time job and College athletes should be paid as a form of compensation for providing services and financial funds to their respective institutions. College athletes provide a service to their institutions, entertainment and exposure which results in more revenue for the schools that they attend, yet there are negative effects if payment to athletes occurs. .
             People whether they are students or fulltime employees expect recognition of their services through some form of compensation. College athletes are no different than full time employees as they provide a service to their respected institutions. Athletes endure long hours of practice and criticism from their bosses or in the cases of athletes, coaches, much like an employee would endure such factors in any working environment. Athletes are responsible for the generation of millions of dollars resulting from their hard work and dedication and should be properly compensated. School spirit, TV rights, and ticket sales from athletic venues all stem from the participation of college athletes. It is only fair that for these athletes to maintain the high level of athleticism, compensation they need to be able to have economic issues such as limited cash be eradicated.

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