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Family history

            How has your family history, culture, or environment influenced who you are? .
             As I have been growing up I have notice that my entire background have influenced in who I am. My family history first of all is present in my values, my personality, because they were the first who teach me how to take my first steps in life. My culture makes me different and identify me with my birthplace. The environment where I grew up was important too to form me as a person of good. All this parts of my background make the person that I am.
             First, my family history influenced in my values as a human person. My ancestors passed of generation to generation some values, for example, dignity, admiration, honesty, love for myself and for others. Is in a family where you are born, and was there where I took my first steps and in every fall something I learned. The family history of everybody marks his past, his present, and his future, because the consequences of the actions remain in time.
             Second, anywhere that I could go I can be identify for my culture. My idiom, symbols of my country, the songs I like, the clothes I use, how I look, how I dance, my manners, what I eat, how I feel. All these things represent my culture. I feel important in this world because I have an identity, I have a culture, I love my birthplace, its beaches, how it smell, that is my home. .
             Third, the environment where I grew up was very important to me, because it helped to form me a person of good. I was taught that my most important goal in life is to have a good education. My parents used to say that first of all I had to have economic independence because they were impermanent and I some day they will not be with me. I was also taught to do not heart or underestimate a person because everybody is equal . Surely, I learned what I saw when I was a child, my family studying or working as good and honest people.
             In conclusion, I hope you felt the proud I feel for my family and my culture.

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