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             Belarus during its transition from a socialist economy to a market economy took a path different when compared to the route many other former Soviet bloc countries took. There were many factors of reform Belarus took that affected the turnout and where the country stands today. These factors resulted in Belarus emerging as one of the least reformed of all countries but more seemingly able to return to its original shape. Belarus re-established state despotism after its transition. In economic reform the European bank for Reconstruction and Development ranks Belarus 25th out of the 26 transition economies in overall progress. Belarus during its transition to become a market economy made many decisions that had many results which is responsible for the economy how it stands today.
             Even though Belarus had a poor record on structural reform and stabilization there are several reasons how they successfully restrained a decline in output. Belarus is only successful when compared to other CIS countries, when looked outside at other transition economies they are just average. Belarus also has the benefit of cheap energy imports from Russia. Thirdly, by provided large credit to enterprises and subsidies, the state protected output from falling at an early stage of the transition. Lastly by not privatizing large enterprises gave the state control of the assets to avoid any extreme cases of tunneling and asset stripping. These acts suggest that state ownerships and control played an important role in maintaining industrial production cushioned economic growth.
             In 1991, after reaching independence, Belarus had one of the highest standards of living in the former Soviet Union (FSU). "It was seen as an industrial park for consumer goods, with relatively better capital stock than other republics" (World Bank). However, the economy was very vulnerable because it became so dependent on the FSU.

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