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The lost art of lyrical poetry

             Art is something different to every person in this world. To some, art is a picture that was painted or a photograph of a beautiful sunset. To others, art is poetry or a beautiful story that was written about love. Art is difficult to define because it is something different to each person. "Art requires creative perception both by the artist and by the audience. Perception is always colored by experience, so a reaction to art as "ugly" or "beautiful" is necessarily subjective," (Wikipedia). Because art is so subjective to the artist and the audience, people experience art in different forms. Many of these forms of art are forgotten by most of the world or overlooked as art by the common eye. A common art form that is often dismissed as having artistic value is that of lyrical music. .
             To the writer, art is something that moves a person. Art invokes the experience of an emotion or troubles the mind in thought. Art can cause you to cry, smile, or think deeply about the values of life. Lyrical music is a form of art that always initiates emotional encounters in my life. Music has always been an inspirational form of creativity in this world. However, most people tend to overlook the value of the lyrics that accompany most of the music today. .
             Lyrical music has been around for centuries. Many forms of poetry have been read to music or placed in a song, in order to help define the significance of the music that was written. "The music of every people certainly begins in association with lyrical poetry, and it passes through the most important stages of its development in this .
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             company, long before there can be any thought of absolute music, (Dahlhaus). Lyrical music is a complete form of art that any person can enjoy and understand. .
             Although there is a lot of music that exists without words, the true meaning of this music is left to the interpretation of the listener. A musician can write the notes of a melody or compose the music of a symphony without using any words to define what he is feeling.

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