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Escaping From Slavery

            Abraham Lincoln once said, "If Slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong. Slave owners would keep these poor innocent Black human beings, making them work in the hot humid sun all day long with out much food or water at all. Some slaves were .
             even whipped like animals, and hardly ever fed anything. If this .
             were to be you in this situation wouldn't you like a way out of this .
             cruel treatment into a land where you can be free and live like .
             normal people. Lets go back in history and see how this whole .
             thing acuatlly led up to to the Underground Railroad.
             There have been slaves through most of human history. Their lives have varied from place to place and time to time, but in general a slave was someone who was "owned" by somebody else. They were treated as though they were a car, being bought and sold.
             Slavery was very different in early history, often people became slaves when their nation lost a war. An example of what sort of jobs they had to do were, building temples and pyramids, or digging silver and gold mines. Since there was not much machinery back then, these tasks were very brutal and hard on these poor people. The usual types of people to do this were Men, Women, and children in neighboring lands captured by rulers of other lands.
             As ancient empires like those of Greece and Rome expanded, seizing control of one land after another, many of the conquered people were sold in slave markets. Having a household of slaves in Greek times to every wish they wanted was not only convenient, but it also showed how important and fasinonable the family is. Slaves also could be set free by their owners, if they saved enough money to buy them ownselves and become free. In early times, slaves were usually recognized as human beings like the owners, just less fortunate.
             In the 1400's a prince named, Henry sent navigators out to look for new routes for sailing. While they were making their way to Africa they picked up Gold and Slaves.

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