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Storm vs. Obsession

            Have you ever been caught in an unsuspected rainstorm? Of course everyone has. Unsuspected rainstorms are the worst they may get in the way of something a person was planning to do. The worst is when a person just finished cleaning their car and it pours. There is no telling exactly where the storm might hit. The news gives us a pretty good idea but they can even be off as we all know. The feelings of obsession are a lot more like a storm than any person may think. Obsession from either side may have just got caught in an unsuspected storm. We know how obsession affects the person being obsessed over but, usually even the person that is obsessing over the person can not help their own feelings. Some may not even realize the extent of their action. The parties involved didn't have an indication to why this might happen. Most people just deal with the problem when it happens. Most people don't worry too much about a storm until they hear how bad it is going to be, or if they see for their own eyes how bad it is. When a storm hits we never actually know how long it takes. Some lasts for a few minutes while others last for the whole day, and will continue raining through out the whole week. Both a storm and an obsession may seem never-ending.
             The person being obsessed over is like the people that caught in the storm or the persons watching the storm. They usually don't what to do if they are driving and conditions get to bad do they pull over or just try to make it home. Same with obsession do they call the police do they wait so maybe the person will get over it. There is no telling. They usually wait to the rain clouds clear up and the sun begins to shine. A person may have feelings like a storm; they change in an instant. In an obsession the person needs to get over it his or her own way. It works differently for each person. A person may see it all the time like the flashes of lightening that lights up the sky in the middle of the night.

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