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Role of Government

             At one moment or another you've must asked yourself what is government and what role does it play in our lives. In its simplest form, a government determines the way in which a country, state, county, township, city, college, or village is run. At every level, government makes laws that citizens must obey and creates policies about everything connected with the daily of a community "whether that community is a nation, a state, or the town where you live. Government affects us through the provision of services, regulations, and taxes. Through out the course of my day, government affects me everywhere.
             In the morning when I take a shower and brush my teeth, government provides me with running water. Water that comes from a government regulated water plant, and that comes to your home in pipes that were put in place by the government. When I cook my breakfast, iron my clothes, and turn on the light, government provides me with electricity that comes from a much regulated power plant. When I start my car and I am heading to school, government provides me with roads. Roads that are monitored with speed limits and traffic lights. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has the job of making sure speed limit signs are put up on the highway and that the police enforce the speed limits. The government also makes sure that cars have seat belts and air bags to keep me safe.
             There are many ways government affects my life at school. First of all, when I buy lunch government makes me pay taxes on the food. Then the tax money is used to provide me with many things on campus. For example, they provide me with a classroom, so I can have a place to learn, they provide me with a teacher, so I can have someone to teach me. They also provide me with a safe and clean environment, so I can get my education. They provide me with a library, so I can have access to books. Books that can help me further my education.

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