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American Government

            5) The American government can be characterized as a democracy because we have a system in which the people govern themselves by electing their own leaders. Our government is constitutional because it is in ACE with the constitution. The Constitution defines distinct powers for the Congress of the United States, the president, and the federal courts. This division of authority is known as a system of checks and balances, and it ensures that none of the branches of government can dominate the others. That is how the American government is organized. The government can be characterized as capitalist because the government has a role in our economy. Private enterprise exists in our economy with government regulation. Our government plays an important role in the economy in preserving private enterprise and protecting the public.
             6) The three major views of who exercises power in America are that the political elite have power, majority rules with respect to minority rights, and the economy exercises power. The political elite are the politicians and others elites that make rules and laws. Also, it is viewed that majority rules. It is believed that the majority is more often right than wrong. It is said that the majority will more often be right than a single group or person. That leads to the fact that minority should also be heard, otherwise democracy could be destroyed. Finally, the economy is also viewed to exercise power. That is because it is firmly rooted in the concept of individual freedom and as the American people gained more and more trust in the economic system the more a part of the nation. The more influence it has on the nation.

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