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Nontraditional Families

             My whole life I've had to just grow up with just one parent. My mom left my dad when I was young and ever since I've never had a father figure in my life. In the other hand my cousin Luis grew up with both his mom and dad. The difference between both our life styles is that, I had to learn to appreciate the small things in life while he always has everything given to him. My mom taught my brother and me to understand that she could only give us so much. While my cousin's parents gave him what ever he wanted when he wanted it, since there's two of them money has never been a problem in there lives. For five years of my life I had to grow up with my grandmother because my mom came to the U.S. for a better job. When a person is given everything and anything they will never learn the value of things. .
             Everything has always been given to my cousin while little has been given to me and my brother. Both my brother and I have never given my mom any problems when it came to school. She never had to worry about our homework, school work, or behavior because we knew that she worked all day and night and wouldn't want to come home and have to deal with our problems. So my brother and I did our best to be good so our mom wouldn't have to stress out too much. While my cousin made both of my aunt and uncle's life a living hell. He would never listen to them and would always do badly in school but in spite of all of those things he would always get what he wanted. So I would not understand how someone that has everything would not appreciate it and just throw it away.
             Even though my cousin did all this things to my aunt and uncle he would never seem to get in trouble. His parents just let him do as he pleased. My mom in the other hand expected both my brother and me to behave and get good grades. She made both of us understand that she wouldn't be there for us all the time at an early age.

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