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Interpreting science in a new way

            Douglas Nelson opened the inquiry with points at which science has changed. The basis was the changing of sciences from old to new. The first subject was how the reality of the universe has or has not changed. The reality of the universe hasn't changed, but our understanding of reality has changed. For example, the earth isn't flat. Another topic he mentioned was the changing of textbooks in science. Mr. Nelson had a textbook from 1965 and it did not contain information on how earthquakes happened, the formation of volcanoes, mountains and plate tectonics. .
             Dr. Jim Luken spoke on three paradigm shifts from the mid 1600's to present. The first was a biology paradigm shift in the mid 1600's, which was the microscope. He also mentioned that science was dependent on human perception. The second was in the 1950's where Watson and Crick presented the DNA molecule. The third and final was the molecular biology shift in 1990.
             On the floor next was John Goodwin on the topic of Physics. His question to answer was "What part do you not understand about N = O?" It came clear in the 1980's. He mentioned how it was involved with neurotransmitters, dilators, and penile erections. .
             Following Mr. Goodwin was Dr. Jean Louis Lassez. He talked about the movie industry, special effects, and how technology was in involved. He briefly spoke about tourism, architecture, real estate, industrial safety, forensics, and bioinformatics. He ended speaking about the DNA chains in humans, mice, wheat and viruses.
             Dr. Rob Young took everyone's attention with the subject of marine science. He informed us of life under the ocean. Seven miles under water, there are living things and Dr. Young spoke about how the data was received. The following devices are some of the things they use: eco-sound, side sound-sonar, multi sonar, and satellite oceanography (remote sensing).
             To end the inquiry, Dr. Joan Piroch was the presenter of Psychology.

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