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             The society we live in today depends on the structure of many different cultures. One of the most important types of culture is organizational culture because it is the key to understanding work organizations. Organizational culture refers to a system of shared meanings held by members that are part of that culture. Members of this culture share a common goal and work together to achieve this goal. Teamwork and communication are critical attributes of this culture. A good example of cultural teamwork is seen at fast food restaurants or in this case, at In-n-out. A detailed observation of this organizational culture has shown that the employees of In-n-out share a common goal and work as a team to achieve this goal.
             According to the manager of In-n-out in Tustin, the goal for an employee is to, "provide customers with a friendly service in a sparkling clean environment." Furthermore, being a fast food restaurant In-n-Out is expected to provide a quick and easy way to eat on the run, with a no frill atmosphere. In order to fulfill the goal of the manager and expectation of the customers the employees work in a team. With the exception of the cooks, each employee is assigned to various duties depending on the day of the week. It is essential that each employee perform their assigned duties as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to do this it is very important that each member knows what their job is and what is expected of them.
             Observation of In-n-out has shown that the work begins before the opening of the restaurant. At the beginning of the day, the store manager holds a meeting with the employees to assign their duties for the day and to answer any questions. By the time the In-n-out opens for business, all the employees are aware of their duties and ready for action. .
             There are two ways a customer can order either by going inside the restaurant and ordering on the register or by the drive-thru window.

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