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             The book by George Orwell, "1984- is a novel that shows a depressing utopian portrait, a society ruled by severe absolutism. Orwell personifies his perceptions about a futuristic society and how can something can be dramatically changed by whoever is in the government. He expresses the illusion that three "Super States- create to have some benefit from the world. This Story is narrated by an omniscient, which is Orwell, and took place in the super state of Oceania. This book shows a conflict between man and a society. .
             George Orwell introduced a vast of characters since the book dealt with a whole society. Three of the most important characters are Winston Smith, Julia, and Big Brother. These characters played a major role in this novel. One of them may be called the creator of this totalitarian society, which in these characters stands. .
             Winston Smith, the protagonist, is a quiet man in his early forties. He is somehow smart and depressed. He was intelligent in some way, but at the same time not smart enough and he took a lot of risks. He is rebel and is against the Party. He meets Julia thinking that she was a spy from the Police. He unfortunate because he used to be spied for the Ministry of Love plus almost everybody was against him, even his "friends-. Julia makes him, through the course of time; improve his health physically and mentally. The ministry of love apprehended them because of they relationship. That society is orthodox and if someone does not go by it, it will be punished. He was beaten down by the Ministry of love and converted in a shell, literarily. .
             Julia is about 26 years old and it is a secret rebel in the society. She is intelligent and native gift of persuasion. She has the ability to see and analyze things that others don't see and unique Winston, she is healthy and full of life. Even though they barely like each other, the hatred expressed to the party makes them fall in love.

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