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The Catholic Reformation: John Calvin v.s. Martin Luther

            Prior to the time of the Protestant Reformation, the General feeling towards the .
             Catholic church was one of repugnance. This was because of the highly bureaucratic Vatican .
             and the Renaissance Popes who spent a ridiculous amount of money on the redecoration .
             of the catholic churches. Severe alteration was required, thus the Reformation began. .
             Though they were two considerably different men with considerably different beliefs and .
             practices, John Calvin and Martin Luther shared certain view points and most importantly .
             the same objective; to reform the church. it is fair to say that they both played equally .
             important roles in the Protestant Reformation. John Calvin, an educated French man of law, .
             converted to Protestantism and devoted his life to the reform of the church. Also, Martin .
             Luther, who On the thirty first of October in the year 1517 inadvertently created an .
             opportunity for change by nailing his ninety-five theses to a church door in what is now .
             Wittenberg, Germany. Both Calvin and Luther believed in: the unimportance of the Pope, .
             Christian dogma, and liberty of priests. On the other hand, their beliefs conflicted in the .
             areas of: salvation and government. The two had many similar practices including: the .
             translation of the Bible into vernacularism, the use of propaganda, the non-celibacy of the .
             clergy, the denouncing of female priests, iconoclast activities, and the stale environment of .
             the churches. However, they shared differences in practices as well, for example: the target .
             group for worship, the consensus of vices i.e. drinking, partying, etc. Together, these two .
             men made an extraordinary impact on history .
             As far as similar beliefs go, John Calvin and Martin Luther shared a few of the same .
             view points. Neither Calvin or Luther believed that the Pope was any greater a person .
             than any other Christian. They believed that no man had the power to excommunicate .
             another from the church.

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