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Mary Rowlandson

            Mary Rowlandson's A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration, is an autobiography of her experiences when being attacked and captured by Native Americans. Mary never losses, or questions, her faith in God throughout the rough times she is going through. When her town is invaded by the Native Americans and many of her people die, Mary views it as their calling from God. She also believes that the time she is captive, is a time of restoration in order to prepare to go to God as well. In the invasion, Mary and her daughter are shot and wounded and she is separated from the rest of her family. Instead of questioning why God would let such a thing happen, she believes that God has wounded her with one hand and carries her with the other. In some cases people would question God, if they were in the shoes of Mary, on why such thing happened to them, but Mary views all of her experiences something good from God. Mary after being captive, for only a few days, losses her child, that was wounded when the Native Americans attacked. When that occurs Mary says that it came time for God to take her child. Through the struggle to live and travel in the wilderness, Mary is constantly making reference to the Bible. Through all of the hardships she comes upon in her travels Mary never losses her faith in God. When Mary is dieing of starvation and a Native American brings her food, she views the person giving her the food as God. I believe that Mary's strong belief in God is what made her last through the days she was held captive. This is obvious because of her constant reference to Him. .

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