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Cell phones in cars

            In the US there are approximately 7 million motor vehicle accidents that occur annually (Baldyga 2003). A large amount of these accidents are easily prevented and occur unnecessarily. In 1999 Morgan Lee, a little 2-year-old girl was playing outside of her house and a tragic accident took place, which claimed her life. A driver talking on his cell phone ran a stop sign and murdered this helpless child (Partnership for Safe Driving 2002). Any distraction within a car is a perilous combination, especially the disruption of a cell phone ringing or the distraction of the cell phone itself. When a driver loses focus or control of the vehicle even for a split second the chances of causing an accident exponentially increase. The use of cell phones have been proven a distraction to drivers and have lead to many senseless killings of innocent pedestrians. How many will have to die before the solution of banning cell phones in cars will be put forth and passed? .
             Hands-free phones, the cell phones that have the clever earpiece attachment; are the answer many cell phones users preach. They believe that if one does not need to hold the phone to their ear, they can put both hands on the wheel and therefore the cell phone in a car cannot be a problem. Studies have shown and proven that it is the conversation that is the problem and not the matter of hands-free or hand held cell phones (Sodhi 2002). David Strayer is the associate professor at the University of Utah; he and his team completed a study regarding the use cell phones in cars. The group of twenty male and female volunteers drove two trials in a simulator, one with a cell phone and one without. .
             The result of Strayer's test clearly indicated that reactions were slower when people used a cell phone while driving. They got into more rear-end collisions and were unresponsive to unpredictable things like a car breaking down in front of them or a light changing ("Cell Phone Related Accidents.

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