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Economic Essay on the Increase Use of Cell Phones

            Cell phones are designed to provide a variety of purposes. They can serve as a replacement or substitute for everyday processes, but still stand as a complement to others. Cell phones have become a substitute for many items such as household phones, calling plans, time keepers, alarms, schedulers, calculators, and the Internet. They become a substitute for these items when someone who owns a cell phone with such capabilities has no need to continue using the older, less efficient products. Wireless phones have introduced many straightforward and trouble-free techniques of communication through a system called text messaging where messages can be passed from one wireless user to another. Television shows requiring voting and spectator participation, including MTV have reverted to accepting text messages as opposed to email or phone calls. Cell phones simultaneously serve as a compliment for products such as computers, cars, and recently cameras. Information, websites, and pictures can be passed between new cell phones unto computers, palm pilots, or cameras. Some phones can now connect to the AOL Instant Messenger Service. For those in a hurry, wireless phones can be even conveniently charged in car jacks.
             In addition, wireless phones are designed to be appealing to the different types of people living in the world today. They effectively transcend all boundaries of race, age, country, and profession. Portability is another factor that adds to their appeal. The differences in sizes make it easy for women to slip into their purse and small enough to fit into a child's hand. Colors and shapes vary by person. Earphones, headphone sets, and speakerphone capabilities make this product easy to use. A person is able to walk down the street talking to a friend while keeping both hands free. The games provide entertainment for boring moments, while the convenience of a built-in address book makes it possible for one to talk to whomever without having to worry about misplacing contact information.

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