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Nationalized Healthcare in the United States

             Of all the industrialized nations, the United States is the only one which doesn't provide its citizens a nationalized system of healthcare. As a result, the United States has the worst healthcare statistics of the entire industrialized world. Ranking 16th in infant mortality, 18th in longevity, and 67th in immunizations; these aren't exactly the ideal rankings a world power should carry. Largely, this is due to the fact that a large portion of America's public can't afford health insurance independently, and the rising costs in healthcare do nothing but salt the wound. The irony in the situation is that the United States also spends much more per capita on healthcare than any of country which has a nationalized form of healthcare. In this, the United States also harbors over forty-four million people whom are without healthcare, which also accounts for the sub par healthcare rankings. America's healthcare system is in need of reform; a nationalized two-tier healthcare system could potentially alleviate all of the shortcomings of America's healthcare system.
             The two-tier system gives every citizen/resident the right to the necessary basic medical services. However, if an individual should seek a more additional coverage or services beyond that of the basic medical services, it would be funded privately. The system is quite fair; therefore the two-tier system is the most accessible healthcare system. In the public tier, the individual states provide all residents with healthcare insurance cards, which entitle the bearer to receive free medical care for most procedures (which is comprised of hospitalization, necessary surgery, examination, dental, medication, etc.), patients are also free to choose their own general healthcare certified doctors, hospitals, etc. Health institutions would still remain either private or not-for-profit, and doctors in private practice are entrepreneurs who bill the two-tier system for their fees.

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