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            Rudy Rudicker was a small town boy, with big town dreams. His whole life he had been told that he wasn't smart enough to attend Notre Dame University; and he especially wasn't good enough to play football. Rudy's trip to Notre Dame wasn't just a trip it was a journey- a life lesson. Because of his iron will, and strong heart Rudy succeeded in going to the University, and getting to achieve his dream of running out of the tunnel to start the game. .
             One of Rudys" major "ups" in life was his friend, Pete. He was the only one that believed in Rudy, and showed always his companionship for him. For example Pete gave Rudy a Notre Dame jacket for his birthday, and said, " You look like you were born to wear that jacket." Even though Rudy had brothers they never believed in him the way Pete did. Pete was a sort of big brother that Rudy never had. He stood up for him, and gave Rudy the confidence and support he needed to get to Notre Dame. Tragically, Pete was killed in a factory accident. During the funeral for Pete, Rudy got up in tears and decided to leave, to chase his dreams in South Ben. It was an emotional push for Rudy from within himself, to get up and go. In a way, there was nothing for Rudy to stay in the town for. Pete was the only one that actually believed in him and now he was gone.
             Even when Rudy had the courage to finally get up and go, his father and girlfriend were still telling him couldn't make it. It seemed hopeless for him, yet Rudy followed his heart. It was like Rudy went for Pete, so his death would mean something, and so Pete would be proud of Rudy. .
             Rudy came home from South Ben for Christmas, and everyone was glad to see him. Frank was still bitter and told Rudy to go into the kitchen to see his other brother. Rudy would find out that when he was gone his girlfriend and brother started dating. That was another big kick for the day, because Rudy had just gotten a rejection letter from Notre Dame.

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