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Tuesdays With Morrie: Book vs. Movie

            I enjoyed watching the movie Tuesdays with Morrie. To no surprise whatsoever, the movie was just like the book. There were many lines that I recognized for the book. The only difference that I noticed was that a few scenes were not in the same order as they were in the book, Some things that Morrie said and did, like when Morrie told Mitch about his parents, happened much later in the movie than they did in the book. Seeing the movie gave me a different perspective of Morrie and Mitch's friendship, and of Morrie's disease.
             By watching Morrie become sicker and sicker with every visit, the impact was much different than when I read the book. Actually seeing Morrie not being able to walk, getting his "beatings" needing to be lifted into his bed, only eating liquids, and more disturbing scenes made me cry because no one should have to go through such a pain. With every grimace of pain that Morrie showed, I felt the same way inside. The movie made the story into reality. While ready the book, I did not cry at the end. By the end of the movie the tears were rolling down my face. I felt that I could not watch him anymore- the pain for me was way too much. I couldn't imagine what Morrie, Mitch, or his family was feeling. I think I paid more attention to the actual story while watching the movie, I am not sure why. Maybe because the movie is something visual- I could visualize what the disease was doing to the innocent man.
             My favorite quote that Morrie said in the book and during the movie is, "We must love one another or die." This is so powerful! When I heard Morrie say that, and Mitch repeat it back weeks later, my heart felt pain. Do we really love each other in America? Of course we love our relative, but do we really love our friends and neighbors? I think that is the one thing that we truly need to work on. Wow. This quote is amazing. I will definitely remember that one forever. In this way Morrie has impacted the whole world, not just Mitch.

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