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Tuesdays with Morrie

             Morrie Schwartz a sociology professor who has been diagnosed with ALS, also known and Lou Gehrig's disease. He knows he only has a few months left to live and can feel his body slowly dying in a painful death. Mitch Albom, one of Morrie's students sees his old professor on a nightline interview and decides his time to go back and visit his old professor. When he was in college he used to meet with Morrie, his favorite professor, on Tuesdays so to keep tradition, because they really are Tuesday people, Mitch would fly in to visit Morrie every Tuesday and discuss the meaning of life. During these Tuesdays the love that Mitch has for morrie becomes apparent and the lessons learned are most valuable.
             2. I think this book has two purposes. The first purpose is to carry on the memory of a beloved professor Morrie Schwartz and to teach a lesson. The lesson trying to be taught is the meaning of life and also that sometimes, even if you have not talked to someone in many years that you can still go back to them and things will still be as if you never left. .
             The second purpose for writing this book is to make Morrie's knowledge known with his great aphorisms that he thought of in those last few weeks in his study. Mitch had promised Morrie that he would turn what he and Morrie have been talking about during their Tuesday sessions into a book.
             3. The thesis is presented within the first few sentences of the first page. It is the meaning of life. It is also revisited at the end in the conclusion and is restated. Every Tuesday they would meet to discuss the meaning of life and discuss different aspects of it.
             The authors bias is making you want to love Morrie and believe he is the most wonderful man on the planet. Although that is not a bad thing because after reading the book the bias was so strong that you can not help but love him. Mitch Albom grew up in college knowing that he had found someone special that he could talk to and go to with his problems.

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