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Tuesdays With Morrie

            "Tuesday's With Morrie: An Old Man, A Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson".
             by Mitch Albom has a title which outlines the direction of the book. An older man,.
             Morrie, a young man, Mitch, and about life's greatest lesson. .
             Morrie was a professor at Brandeis University in Massachusetts when Mitch.
             attended college. Morrie was his favorite professor. A few years after Morrie was.
             diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ASL) he was unable to teach anymore. .
             This was about 20 years after Mitch graduated from the University. After graduation,.
             Mitch didn't stay in contact with his college friends or his favorite teacher Morrie. When.
             Mitch heard "Who is Morrie Schwartz" on ABC's "Nightline" he couldn't believe what he.
             had heard. Mitch was both horrified and ashamed. It was then he heard about Morrie's.
             illness. Finally Mitch went to see him. From then on Mitch visited Morrie every.
             Tuesday. Whenever they met, they would talk about the meaning of life. Mitch wrote a.
             list of topics he wanted to talk about. The list consisted of death, fear, aging, greed,.
             marriage, family, society, forgiveness, and a meaningful life. Morrie went through all of.
             these topics, plus more. Morrie helped Mitch understand that there is more to life than.
             money and materialistic things. From the first Tuesday until the last Tuesday, Mitch.
             listened to Morrie, his coach, talk about the real meaning of life. How much life means.
             to you when you are about to die. How much people take for granted. Mitch.
             sometimes looks back at the person he was. He wishes he could change the way he.
             was back then but he can't. The one thing he really learned was that there is no such.
             thing as "too late" in life. This book was Mitch's final project from Morrie. While in.
             college, Mitch wrote a thesis for Morrie, now he wrote another one, but this time it has.
             become a very popular book. As of the summer of 1998, nearly 800,000 copies of this.

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