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Tuesday's with Morrie

            Tuesdays with Morrie, written by Mitch Albom is a story of the love between a man and his college professor, Morrie Schwartz. This true story captures the compassion and wisdom of a man who only knew good in his heart. A man who lived his life to the fullest up until the very last minute of his happily fulfilled life. It is a story of a extraordinary bond of friendship that was lost for many years, but never forgotten and simply picked up again at a critical time of both Morrie's and Mitch's lives.
             When Morrie learned that he had only a few months to live with the deadly disease known as Lou Gehrig's disease, Morrie began the last class of his life with Mitch - life's greatest lesson. Throughout the last fourteen weeks of Morrie's life, Mitch met with him every Tuesday to learn and understand all of the wisdom and lessons of life that were within Morrie. The weekly routine consisted of lunch and lecture. These meetings included discussions on everything from the world when you enter it to the world when you say goodbye. From the relationship that these men had with each, a love is revealed like no other love resembles. This is a love of friendship and of respect. Such a bond between people is difficult to achieve. Their relationship consists of an "unembarrassed love" that is constantly present. .
             Morrie Schwartz was a man of great knowledge who loved and enjoyed to see and experience a simplicity of life, something beyond life's most challenging and unanswered mysteries. From Morrie, we learn that life is most happily experienced when enjoyed and fulfilled to its highest ability. Morrie shares this with Mitch in the last days of his life and these great lessons will be carried and practiced throughout Mitch's life.
             This book was very effective in really making you feel for Morrie. I was very moved by the way that he presented Morrie. I think it was a very well written book. The book jumped from past to present, showing how Mitch changed over the sixteen years.

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