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Tuesdays with morrie

             Reflecting upon Tuesdays with Morrie.
             Throughout Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom writes about his experience with a genuinely loving person. He states that when a person accepts death, then they really begin to learn how to live (Mitch Albom). Morrie gets in touch with personality and touches everyone else's as well. He surrounds himself and others with love. After being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease, his body whithers, not his mind. Mitch goes to him for security. Mitch is highly interested in his job, and anything but his relationships for a major portion of his life. Once he brings himself back to Morrie, his coach from college, he makes himself one with his spirituality and is willing to accept and better his faults of letting everyday culture and society run his life, not his self.
             On the fifth Tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about family. Morrie brings up the topic of security found in family. There is a spiritual security of a family always watching out for a person, and nothing else can give a person that. Mitch, in Tuesdays with Morrie has no children and has never been involved or even though about starting a family. He sees children as tying him down. There is a moment of realization for Mitch when Morrie tells Mitch that he would not have missed the experience of having kids for anything. There is nothing more humbling in this story than the total giving of one's self. Love is this context is totally unselfish, and the responsibility of a child is greater than any job or any feeling money can give. In my life, I am selfish and not understanding of the love my parents have for me as their child. It is easy to take things for granted and the sacrifice they make for me I have come to know all too well, so it has caused a lack of appreciation. Morrie is able to look back and see the meaning aspects of a family relationship because he does not have society in the way during his illness to block the true meaning of family and relationships.

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