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             Even the medical profession finds depression hard to explain, it is a word of such common usage that it has ceased to have meaning. As many as one in five adults especially parents experience depression of some sort throughout their lifetime. It can affect a person in many different manners and extremes, about 70% of cases go unrecognized and untreated. Depression has been called "the common cold of psychiatry," because it is the most widely experienced mental illness. The thought of depression to a person of youth is almost ignorance, "it won't happen to me," most kids are confident, filled with hope and happy. Most people have unhappy periods in their lives but they are usually able to bounce back and resolve them in short succession. Depression is not thought to be genetic but if there if you are exposed to it at a young age you are more at risk of being affected by depression. Symptoms of depression are often repeated actions or something that always like clockwork, in the supplied article about Sally Brampton, she said that each morning at exactly 3:20am she would awake for no reason and this occurred for at least a year before she was diagnosed with clinical depression. When the admittance of depression is upon the person, they often will turn to very low and pathetic behaviour; they see themselves as different and loose control of themselves. "I got out of bed," Sally quotes, "and my legs buckled under me. Then I remembered that I had taken pills washed down with a little vodka. Soon after I blacked out and drifted in and out of consciousness." Once the person comes to, they are so ashamed of what happened that they don't seek help or advise they just let it happen time and time again. While Sally was taking these pills she took her daughter to her father's place because she couldn't put up with her daughter suffering because of her problems. Depression is a strong hold that once it has you will not let you go; Sally describes it as a place that is more terrifying than anywhere she has ever seen, even in her nightmares.

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