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            Our society places some pressure upon us to bear children. But obviously not all people can fulfil this prospect. Not having the ability to conceive or adopt a child can be a heart-wrenching experience for those who really want a family. Fortunately, alternatives exist for sterile couples such as foster homes and adoption. But another method that some people have chosen has caused great controversy here in America. Surrogacy may not be a new phenomenon, as it dates back to the Biblical times of Abram and his infertile wife Sarai. But from then until 1951 when two scientists Dupont and Schwarz produced the first ectogenetic child, the safety of surrogacy could not be guaranteed. Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World contains perhaps the most dramatic and comprehensive account of artificial reproduction. But because Brave New World presents such an extreme scenario, the contents may not be taken seriously. Yet we should take into consideration that the technology in Huxley's 1932 novel now exist or rapidly developing. And even though birth technologies have not yet become a universal utility, the current practices do have implications that should be considered. Thus, many disputes surrounding surrogate motherhood have given us plenty of reason to wonder: should women be allowed to carry another woman's baby? How much money is required? Should contracts be legal and binding and what happens if one side reneges on the contract? This practice should be prohibited, as history proves problems with the law, human morals, and technology are guaranteed along with surrogate motherhood.
             Surrogate motherhood creates way too many problems for surrogacy to remain legal. Although no national policy regarding surrogate mothers exists in America, there should be a general rule: surrogacy shall not be tolerable. A lot of questions, both moral and legal, have danced in the minds of many people. Who, legally, will be the child's mother? Should contracts be legal and binding? What happens when one side reneges on the contract? The famous case of "Baby M" exemplifies these difficult questions.

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