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The History of Gospel Choir

            Gospel music is generally being categorized as Afro-American or Black music. It was originated from folk churches in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. One of the most famous musician was Thomas Dorsey, also known as "Father of Gospel Music", was born in 1899 and passed away during the early 1990's. Dorsey and Bessie Smit, one of the famous blues singers during that period, often wrote religious music but the music itself was considered as devil's music from the church. The discouragement did not stop Dorsey from doing what he believed in. He distributed "If You See My Saviour", one of his popular songs to churches around the country in hope of getting the recognition that he deserved. "It was three years though, before he received his first order, which made him feel like going back to the blues. He did not return to the blues and actually wrote over 800 songs that became popular in churches throughout the country. His success was possible thanks to pioneer singers such as Sallie Martin (1896-1988) and Mother Willie Mae Ford Smith (1904-1994) that helped propagate his music. Dorsey's efforts and success inspired other composers such as Lucy Campbell and Dr. Herbert Brewster who also became very successful. In support of new composers and singers of gospel music, Dorsey founded the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses in 1932, an organization that still exists today." (source: http://www.handsofhope.org.uk/ch_history.html) .
             Thomas Dorsey was greatly influenced by Rev. Tindley, who was also famous for songs such as "I Do, Don't You," Dorsey was overcame by desire to write music that would similarly inspire others. His famous work include "Precious Lord, Take My Hand," "We Will Meet Him In The Sweet Bye and Bye," and "When I've Done the Best I Can," through out the years Dorsey has inspired many gospel singers and was responsible for the I carried that with me into the gospel songs.

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