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Music Of The Catholic Church

            Roman Catholicism is one of the largest religions in the world, with over a billion adherents distributed all over the world. Catholicism's history began when followers of Judaism accepted Jesus Christ as not just a prophet, but as the Son of God and the Savior of the world. Roman Catholicism was reputedly started with the commissioning of the Apostle Peter. Catholicism, which means universal, received the adjective "Roman" due to the Church's geographical location in the Roman Empire. There are two central ideas to Roman Catholicism: the Church as a teaching authority, and the Church as a sacramental agent. The Church as a teaching authority means that the Church is the interpreting agent of the Bible. The Church as a sacramental agent means that the church institutes sacraments for its followers so that they can live more spiritually. Roman Catholics recognize the New Testament and the Old Testament. In addition to the holy days celebrated by most other Christians, Catholics observe a number of other holy days and saints days. Special masses, fasts, or feasts might observe these. The Church believes that the seven sacraments are needed to help Catholics live the kind of life Jesus would have wanted and these sacraments spiritually connect the great moments and needs of human life. These sacraments are baptism, penance, Holy Communion, confirmation, marriage, holy orders, and last rites. Coming to America in 1493, 12 priests accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage of exploration to spread the catholic religion. The missionaries who preached to the natives of the southeastern and southwestern portions of what is now the United States were mainly Spanish Franciscans, Dominicans, and Jesuits. .
             Mass is a ritual that is worshiped by the Catholics. It is performed at least once a week and even daily. A good way to describe the Mass is to say that it is Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday made present today in one ritual.

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