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Freedom in "The Metamorphosis" and "The Grand Inquisitor"

            "The Metamorphosis" and "The Grand Inquisitor" have totally different views on freedom. "The Metamorphosis" expresses freedom by taking humanity out of the person. "The Grand Inquisitor" expresses freedom by taking God out of people. .
             "The Metamorphosis" is a story about a man named Gregory. Gregory wakes up to find that he is a bug. He could have been free from life, but he was so trapped in life that he didn"t know how to be a bug. Gregory was worried about how he was going to function like a person, as a bug. .
             Gregory had to many responsibilities for one man to chew. He was responsible for the rent, upkeep on the house, servants, sister's education, utility bills, etc. His father, nor mother worked. Gregory was responsible for everything. .
             After Gregory became a bug, his whole family dehumanized him. They even ordered the maid to kill him, but he died from a spoiled apple lodged in his back instead. .
             On the other hand, "The Grand Inquisitor" does a totally opposite approach. He uses God's name to attract people, telling them what they want to hear, giving them a few of their needs. But he interprets it in a way to where they will respond on how he wants them to respond. He states, "Feed men, and then ask of them virtue!" The Inquisitor tells Jesus that the people said, "Make us slaves, but feed us." .
             The Inquisitor thinks that they have "completed that work in Thy name", meaning freedom for the people in Jesus" name. Actually, there is no freedom. It's people that the Roman Catholics control, by feeding them. .
             Jesus never falls for the tactics used by the Inquisitor, but he listens patiently. The Inquisitor wants Jesus to be impressed, say anything acknowledging what he has done. Jesus says nothing and only kisses him. The kiss showed Jesus" disapproval but still showed His love for His people. The kiss moves the Inquisitor, but does not change his idea. I think because the Inquisitor is too much controlled by power, instead of God.

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