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The grand inquisitor

             am in disagreement with the argument that the Grand Inquisitor puts forth having to do with burning Jesus as heretic. The Grand Inquisitor talks about the three temptations in the desert, and Jesus' rejection of them. The inquisitor, along with the church, is secretly teamed up with Satan, in providing the people with more secure and stable lives. The reasoning he gives in saying that people are not strong enough for free will and are not as happy is because they feel that they have to try and avoid temptation as Jesus did in the desert, and have to set standards for themselves, which is not easy to do at times. This is why he believes that teaming up with Satan, and not giving sin and temptation such significance, will add some stability to the lives of the people. .
             In the desert, Satan presents Jesus with three temptations. The first is when he tells Jesus to turn the stones into bread to feed himself and the people. Jesus did not want to give into that temptation because he believed that it would give proof of his existence, and with proof, people do not need to have faith. The last thing Jesus wanted to do was to lessen people's faith. The second temptation involves Satan asking Jesus to jump off of a high cliff to prove that he is really the son of God. Once again, Jesus feels that he should not have to give proof. Finally, in the last temptation, Satan offers Jesus the kingdoms of the world if he will accept Satan as his god. Of course, Jesus will not accept that, and denies Satan once again. .
             Although it seems much more ideal to not be so concerned with avoiding temptation and sin and to just be happy and indulge in whatever you want, it is not the best way to go about things. It will not be good for you in the long run, after death. Some might say that you should not worry so much about what happens after death, but that you should enjoy your life without having to sacrifice anything.

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