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Guru and mantra

            Mantras recieved from lineage are called jagrata mantras and only.
             they have the power to engender an awakening in the student. We might.
             find that a mantra that is written correctly and begin practicing it.
             with all the proper steps, but still fail to recieve the promised.
             result. But when an accomplished master confers the same mantra, it.
             exhibits its powers. As an example, i (pandit Rajmani Tigunait) will.
             share one of my own experiences.
             When i first came to the united states, i was fascinated with one of.
             the most revered scriptures, Saundaryalahiri. It consists of 100.
             mantras and it the subject of a number of well known commentaries -.
             one of which explains the practical application of the.
             mantras.According to the commentary the aspirant must repeat the.
             mantra (in this case a long verse) 1000 times a day for 45 days. My.
             master, Swami Rama, was in a distant city, so i undertook the.
             practice on my own and completed it. But to my disspointment I did.
             not notice any of the effects the commentary described.
             I thought that perhaps my mind was not 1 pointed, or my heart not.
             pure enough. Or perhaps my karmas are not in my favour. I also.
             remembered a saint saying that in kaliyuga, these practices have to.
             be done 4 times more intensely than the scriptures stipulate. Thus, i.
             continued the practice and exceeded even that amount. Still the.
             promised result did not manifest.
             Meanwhile, my master called me to him. One day he said very.
             lovingly, "I want u to do a special practice. It is very important.
             for u." Pointing at a book he said, "Can u bring that book?".
             I got up and brought the book to him. It was the Saundaryalahiri, the.
             scripture I had been studying and practicing on my own. Swamiji.
             opened the book to the verse I had repeated 1000's of times and.
             putting his finger on it said, "Practice this mantra for 33 days".
             I asked, "Is there any ritual or anything else to be done as part of.
             this practice?".
             "No, just do the japa".
             "How many times, Swamiji?".

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