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             The pug is a small, mild mannored dog that dates back as far as the Tang Dynasty. At about 14-18 lbs and about 10 in tall,and a member of the "toy" breed, this dog is a lot in a small package. Hence the name "Multem en Parvo." Meaning alot in a small package in latin. The pug became popular in the 14th century in England. The pug originated in china, but was brought to England by wealthy dutch merchants. The pug was favored by women of nobility. Queen Victoria had two pugs. king William-I had a pug. And english Lady Brassy returned from the orient with two black pugs abound the 1800s'. And in the 16th century, Catholic James-II brought them to Great Britain. By then, the breed had become primarily a political and religious symbol. Other names for the pug are "Mops" and "Carlin." though the name is highly controversial, because some people belive the name came from the latin word "pugnus," describing it shap, and others belived it came from the word "pugg" meaning tenederly loved. The duke and dutchess of windsor made the brred most popular. The popularity has also risen greatly since WW2. The pug has a smooth, silky coat, and come in three colors, fawn, apricot, and black. The pug has a shout and stout nose. A samll round head. Small, smoth ears facing forward, a curly tail, and a boxy masculine chest. Due to the constant inbreeading of this breed, the have health problems such as hip displaysia, epilepsy, eye problems, and chronic breathing problems. These dogs cannot be left outside in heat either, due to their flat face, they cannot vent heat as well as other dogs and have been known to die very quickly in heat. In my opinion, this is THE best brred of dog, no matter what your looking for. It is very loving and compassionate. And loves to play. .

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