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Jane Eyre

             Bronte did a very good job at expressing the way women were treated and how society was through the book Jane Eyre. Since, Jane expressed her views this way many people at this time considered the book controversial. I believe the book was a great way to do this.
             Bronte used Jane's defiance of her "master" John when she was young to show how young girls were treated in the Victorian Era. When, Jane's cousin John told her what to do and treated her like she was an animal and she didn't put up with it she got into trouble. That instance showed how little girls were treated and Bronte wasn't happy with it. So, in the book Jane fought back many people who read the book viewed that as unacceptable. .
             Her elders also treated her with disrespect because she was a little girl and that's how little girls were treated in that age. Charlotte Bronte didn't agree with that so she had Jane be defiant toward her elders. When, her aunt sent her off to Lowood right before Jane left Jane told her that she didn't love her and never would. So, her Aunt told the man that Jane was a liar! Jane wasn't a liar and that made her mad. When Jane got to Lowood she accidentally dropped her slate and Mr. Brockelhurst told everybody that she was a liar and dropped her slate on purpose. He also told all the kids not to talk to her all day and had Jane stand on a chair all day.
             Jane moved from Lowood after many years to a place called Thornfield where she was a governess. There she met her future husband Mr.Rochester. She didn't like him at first but when she started to like him she wasn't secure with the fact that he was above her in class. Neither did the other people in Thornfield. Later on in the book she receives an inheritance from a dead relative. That makes her more secure with their relationship because that made them equal in class.
             The book was controversial book at this time. Many people wanted this book banned and it is a very big surprise that the book was even published.

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