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             What exactly is the price of one's freedom? Can anyone be able to put a price on something .
             We are able to move freely in life, becasue of the sacrifice of others who, for the most part, many will never get to meet in their life, or even know who they are. But yet they serve their country and it's people, never complaining about what color their nails should be, or whether they should wear the pink shirt or the blue blouse.
             The price of one's freedom, is by far priceless. Although it's called "free"dom, it isn't exactly free. Blood is shed, and hearts are broken so others can breath the air they do, and worry about the nitty and petty things in life.
             A dictionary will give you some fancy terminology of what freedo is, and also, what obligation is. Here's a simple way of understanding it. Freedom, through the eyes of all those who cherish opportunities they are given, is defined as the liberties that we enjoy. The ability to move freely through life, without feeling like subjects to one particular ruler. Such as the Communist Nation of China, or the once, now fallen Dictatorship of Iraq. .
             When you are obligated to doing something, it tends to bug you doesn't it? It's like the little fly in the back of your head that just won't go away. Oblogations come in many ranges. There are those, "I owe my friend Mike a $1 because I borrowed him the other day," or the "I am obligated to pay $1,000 a month in order to keep my house," type of thing.
             But what exactly does freedom feel obligated in serving us? What have you done, that in turn freedom should serve your every need, and become subjects to what it is you say? Nothing! It doesn't ask anything of you. It doesn't stand up and say, "I have given you the chance to go as you please, so in turn I want you to do this for me." Realistically, it never asks for anything in turn for the opportunities that we get to stand today, and breath the air we do.

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