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After High School?

             Before I chose what I hope to be my future I put much thought into what I liked and what I wanted to gain before I passed on in life. I finally chose a career in Inter-continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM). This field provides quick advancement in the Air Force and gives me a chance to work on something I would really like.
             On many occasions I have spoken with Sgt Lutat and Sgt Miller who are recruiters from the Air Force. I have gathered a lot of information on jobs provided and the situations I will be in while employed by the Air Force. Some of the requirement of the Airforce are that you are phisically fit and have no outstanding law violations. One of the primary tests given before one would join the air force is the ASVAB test, it is a test to see where ones vacational aptitudes are. before you join up you have to complete their application and pass their screening. There are many job possibilities in the Air Force and you could quite possibly move to any other area after a few years of work if you decided that was what you wanted. The Air Force provides for almost unlimited advancement, although reaching the top will require an enormous amount of work and many levels of additional skill training. Retirement is availabe for anyone in the service after 20 years of work. Some of the best things about the service is that they provide food, clothing, housing, full medical coverage, phone and electricity for all their workers. Even while the salary isn't the greatest all you expensis are paid for so what they pay goes straight into you pocket, starting salary is a little over $1000 per month. As mentioned above the Service allows retirement after twenty years Which I belive is totally awesome, but if you were to choose the short term enlistment it puts a solid background behind you so that you have an advantage in the civilian job market.
             In conclusion I will stay with my choice of joining the Air Force unless somehow someone convinces me that there is a better way to go in the job market.

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