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Animal Experimentaiton..A Look at the Pros and the Cons

             The pros and cons of animal experimentation have caused numerous arguments over the years. The following passage will discuss both the pros and cons of animal experimentation, the alternatives to animal experimentation, and different methods of animal experimentation. .
             There are some advantages to animal experimentation. Conditions for the animals are getting much more humane (Newscientist.com). For example, .
             A science major, Emma Hockly, and her team of students from Oxford University studied enrichment on mice with Huntington's disease under three conditions: large cage with nine other mice equipped with toys, a cage with a cardboard tube, and standard cage. Results from motor coordination tests proved that mice with the enriched cages did much better than those with standard cages; they also seemed healthier and happier despite their condition (qtd. in Newscientist.com). .
             Lab animals are being taught and persuaded to partake in experiments, rather than using coercion (Newscientist.com). Animals will work with the scientists, rather than against them (Newscientist.com). Test results will also be better because the animals aren't stressed (Newscientist.com). There will also be welfare benefits due to animals not being sedated or restrained (Newscientist.com). .
             Animal Experimentation helps discover treatments and medicines for.
             veterinary purposes (Cothran 80). Many hundreds of veterinary medicines are produced yearly thanks to animal testing (Cothran 80). Louis Pasteur through his work proves that animal experimentation and different diseases can change science the world over for the better (Cothran 79). He did experiments with cows and their milk (Cothran 79). Before he came up with the concept over pasteurizing milk, milk contained many harmful bacterial substances (Cothran 79). .
             Some questions of medical science can only be answered by animal research.
             (Newscientist.com). "There is not one person in the United States who has not somehow benefited from results of research involving animals" (qtd in Cothran 82).

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