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A case on first degree murder

            The Case of Davis Dragging a 6-year-old to his Death and The.
             Davis who was just released from the county jail for a drug paraphernalia charge decided to steal a car because he got tired of waiting for his sister to arrive to drive him home. The sport utility vehicle Davis stole belonged to Christy Robel who left the keys in the ignition and her 6-year-old son Jake in the backseat. She parked for a few minutes outside an Independence, Mo., sandwich shop. Before she could return from ordering food at the counter less than 25 feet away from where she parked, Davis proceeded to get in and take off. When Christy saw Kim L. Davis get into her car, she dashed out of the shop to rescue her son. The scene attracted several horrified witnesses who rushed to Robel's aid. One even tried to get Davis out of the driver's seat before he drove out of the parking lot. While Christy had managed to grab her son, Davis had already started to speed off before he was completely out of the car, with 40-pound Jake trapped by the seatbelt. Preoccupied with the thought of leaving the scene, Davis didn't even realize the screams of Christy Robel, let alone Jake tumbling alongside the car. Other motorists tried to get Davis" attention by honking and flashing frantically. Ignoring their signals, Davis allegedly pressed on until drivers boxed him in and forcibly removed him from the car. It was not for more than four miles down the highway at 80 miles per hour that Davis realized Jake was hanging outside the car. Motorists had stopped, hoping to help Jake, but by then all they could do was cover his mangled, lifeless body. Davis claims that he never knew Jake was in the car, and had no idea that the little boy was being dragged. .
             Davis appeared in court along with his relatives to support him during the trial. His family members tried to explain why Davis stole the car that day. Al Adams, Davis' brother-in-law says Davis felt very uncomfortable in Independence, Missouri, a mainly white middle-class suburban city.

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