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Life After Death

             2000-2001 Earnings per Share of Common Stock for Telus.
             Used to measure the profit margin of a company's common stock, this method was used to analyze Telus corporation's earnings per share of common stock. The worth of Telus" stock has reduced by $110,000 from $1.49mil in 2000 to $1.60mil in the 2001 fiscal periods, as clearly shown on figure 1-1 of summary page. The statistics clearly show that the worth of there common stock have been declining, but can be influenced by many aspects. The decrease in common stock worth can be caused by a raise in preferred dividends, a decline in revenue will effect numbers related to of common share's worth. An increase in preferred dividends isn't necessarily doing any harm to the company, but a decline in revenue shows that the company is doing financially worst in year 2001 compared to year 2000.
             Telus" Current Ratio for 2000-2001.
             Current ratio is used to show the short term liquidity of a company, how easily a company can cover for their liabilities, by comparing their total assets to there total liabilities. A company with a stable flow of incoming and out coming cash should have a current asset to current liability ratio of 2:1. Figure 1-1 shows that Telus has a ratio of 27:100 in 2000 and 77.6:100 in 2001 which shows that their progress has been improving but current can not cover all their liabilities if liabilities were to be called upon from the company.
             Debt Percentage for Telus.
             Debt percentage indicates the percentage of assets that were financed through borrowing, shows the percentage of assets that Telus had to create liabilities for to be able to gain the assets. A 64.4% for 2000 to a 63.7% in 2001 is not much change, meaning that the percentage of assets that were created through liabilities have not increased which shows that the company has not needed to borrow money in fiscal of 2001. The percentage is substantially high but the lack of increase from 2000 into 2001 indicates that the company is more stable and is able to properly manage their financial operations.

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