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Muscle Mania

             In today's world athletes, now more than ever, are taking shortcuts to further their success. Drugs such as steroids are commonly used to increase an athlete's performance. With the competitive edge rising ever higher with profits, it is no wonder that athletes ignore the dangers of this harmful drug. The fact is that athletes should not use steroids due to the many harmful effects that may be caused.
             One effect of steroids is the cosmetic changes to the body. For one thing, steroids can cause serious changes to the skin. For example, steroids may cause severe acne and pimples to occur all over the body. Also, it may cause the skin and eyes to turn yellow in color. Another effect, steroids may change natural hair growth. For instance, steroids can cause premature balding in men. Steroids can also cause facial and body hair to grow faster. Steroids can even cause the enlargement of breasts and the shrinkage of testicles. Athletes taking the drug should carefully consider these side effects.
             In addition, steroids may also cause sexual changes to the body. In the early stages of steroid use, sexual libido may be increased. However, if the use is prolonged, steroids can actually cause a loss of sexual desire. At the same time, steroids can also cause a lowered sperm count in men, which in turn can result in permanent infertility. These effects alone should be enough to dissuade athletes from taking the drug. .
             Yet another way steroids can be harmful are the effects the behavior of the athlete. One such effect is an increased aggression in users, commonly called roid rage. Steroids can also lead to a deep state of depression, common to long time users that have stopped taking the drug. During the withdrawal phase athletes may experience paranoia. The combination of paranoia and depression may in turn lead to suicide. .
             Possibly the most devastating effects of steroids may be the physiological changes that the drug may cause.

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