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             I hardly know the story of the great warrior and fighter Tecumseh. I am not an American, and like everyone else, we all don't know every history of a country. However, I did a lot of reading and research on Tecumseh and what I found out was quite astounding. I am reminded about the rich history of my own country hundred of years before I was born. This poem reminds me of the history of my ancestors who fought against slave trade, and sacrificed their lives for what they believed in. Even though my country gained independence many years later, and it is a democratic country, the pain, the horrors, and monuments like the castles and dungeons of the slave trade still lives on as of today. .
             Tecumseh" name means two different things. It means crouching Panther, or a shooting star. I like his name because it depicts how brave he was. He was born in 1768 on Mad River in Springfield, Ohio. He died in 1813 in the battle of Thames. Tecumseh (also known as Tecumthe) was the leader of an Indian confederacy, and prior to his death, Tecumseh wielded more power than any other North American Indian before him, and no other Indian after him would ever come close to his domination. He was a great warrior and the chief of the Shawnees who fought to keep their land from the white men who were trying to take it away from them. The Shawnees (also known as the Shawanoe) were the first Indians in North America and had all of the land to live on. Unfortunately, other Indians appeared after them and forced them into a nomadic way of life. The Shawnees would settle in an area for a while, but war would usually erupt with the other tribes in the area and this would force them to move to another place. Through many years, the Shawnees became famous as vicious fighters and would often serve as mercenaries for other tribes.
             Before the birth of Tecumseh, the Miami, whose territory stretched from Pennsylvania southward to the Ohio River and northwards to the great lakes, realized that the Americans posed a likely problem.

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