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Tecumseh Book Review

            The book Tecumseh and the Quest for Indian Leadership written by R. I recommend that every history class be assigned to read this book, or sections from this book. The writing puts the oppression of Indians into a perspective that most Americans wouldn't normally view it from. This book places the reader on the side of the Shawnee Indians in the time period just before the revolution up and up to the middle of the War of 1812. Through this book, you realize the unjust actions taken toward the Shawnee Indians of the Ohio Valley. Edmunds begins the book by introducing a Shawnee warrior, Cornstalk, and then travels back in time to the first humans in the Ohio Valley area. Edmunds uses great detail in describing the Fort Ancient people and their culture and lifestyle. They were the predecessors and ancient relatives of the Shawnee, and they were a skilled people. In 1774, Cornstalk knew that war with the whites would be inevitable. Edmunds has a very good timeline in writing that explains the building up of conflict starting in the early 1700's. He builds up to the Battle of Point Pleasant, where the Shawnee fought hard and long, but had to retreat due to the lack of ammunition. Cornstalk reluctantly signed an unofficial treaty giving up hunting grounds in Kentucky and giving the British safe passage through their territory. At this point, Edmunds begins telling the story of Tecumseh. Tecumseh's mother was Creek, and his father was Shawnee. He had two older sisters and two older brothers, a younger sister, and his mother had triplet boys, which one died but the other two survived. His father died at the hands of the Virginians. In 1777 Cornstalk and a group of his warriors went to Fort Randolph to trade. While they were there, a settler was killed by Indians on the Ohio. Although he had nothing to do with the killing, a mob broke out and Cornstalk, his son, and three warriors were killed. His death shocked all the Shawnee.

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