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Similarities & Differences of The Navaho and Delaware Myths

            Similarities & Differences of The Navaho and Delaware Myths .
             Before the Europeans arrived in North America, there was existence of many Indian tribes, two of which are the Delaware and the Navaho. The Delaware were people who mostly lived in peace, hunted, fished, and farmed. The Navaho were fierce warriors and hunters, who intermarried with members of the peaceful Pueblo tribe. The two Indian tribes would of course want an explanation for natural phenomena. Examples of this would be shown in both tribe myths, The Walam Olum and The Navaho Origin Legend. There were many differences and similarities between The Navaho Origin Legend and The Walam Olum.
             The Navaho and Delaware Indians seemed as if they were very different people, in that the Delaware were peaceful and the Navaho seemed fierce. Their myths on the origin of man were also very different. For example the Navaho myth dealt with the creation of man and woman only, and the Delaware myth explained the creation of man, woman, and other living things. The Navaho myth had foue gods, whilrthe Walam Olum only had two. Of the two gods in the Walam Olum, one was an evil spirit. However both gods used their own powers to make their creations. In the Navaho myth all gods would be good, but they would rely on objects to make their creations.
             Even though their were differences between the two Indian tribes, as well as their myths, there were also some similarities. For example, both myths dealt with the tribes values and culture. Also, both myths mentioned marriage, some kind of nature, and gods. Another similarity in the myths, and probably the most obvious, was that they both came from Indian tribes. .
             After reading this essay it is clear to see that both tribes and their myths were different. However there were still similarities as well as those differences. These were two interesting myths, which thought me more about both tribes.

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