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The Holocaust and It's Effects on Today's Society

            The Holocaust and It's Effects On Today's World.
             The Holocaust effected the entire world. The stories of survivors as well as pictures have not only changed the lives of people but have opened up the real horrors and truths of the Holocaust. .
             In 1930, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany. Crisis began on February 27, 1933 when the Nazis burned the Reichstag building to create a violent atmosphere. Soon after Nazis opened Dachau a concentration camp near Munich, and soon after they opened Buchenwald. Days later they passed the German Pariliament which enabled Adolf to make the dictorial powers. This was the biggest mistake of all. All events in which occurred after, were nothing but pure horror. As months went on more and more concentration camps were set up all over Germany and other countries. Nazis took over Jewish towns, boycotting Jewish stores and businesses. The Jews were prohibited from owning land, having jobs, getting health insurance, and being on the German Front. Jews were then taking from there homes and placed in concentration camps. There, they were stripped of all their clothing and possessions, taking away from their families, and even murdered at arrival. Hitler created a genocide, asking for all children with blonde hair and blue eyes to be taken to a separate camp for German families to adopt. A law was passed stating that Hitler wanted all jews, homosexuals, mentally unhealthy, and people who hid them to be put into the camps as well. At the concentration camps the jews were required to wear yellow stars and the homosexuals upside down pink triangles on their suits. Anyone in the camps were forced to work long hours doing chores from digging graves, to working in fields. .
             Judith Jaegermann, a holocaust survivor. She was born in Karlsbad. When she was 11 years old, her mother had received a letter demanding their family to report to Pragues Exhibition Halls that would take them to the unknown.

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