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             Depressant drugs cause sedative effects such as relaxation, drowsiness and a feeling of being "mellow" at low doses. At high doses, they cause hypnotic effects, that is, they induce sleep. .
             When used as prescribed by a doctor, depressants can calm nerves and relax muscles.
             How do they work?.
             Depressants work by attacking the central nervous system. They start off by slowing down the nerves which makes the body react slower and calmer like putting the body in a trance (relaxation).
             Examples of depressants:.
             Cannabis .
             Amphetamine .
             Cocaine .
             Trends in use of the depressants alcohol and cocaine: .
             In 1999 the use of cocaine was at its high point about 2.7% of high school seniors using it but that number has dropped down to a low 2.1% in 2002.
             In 2002 the proportions of 8th, 10th, and 12th graders who admitted to drinking were 20%, 35% and 49%. In 1996 the use of 10th graders was only 21% compared to last years 35% and 2003's number will only increase if the pattern is followed. .
             According to the Monitoring the Future Survey the availability for alcohol is 95% for seniors. For other teenagers alcohol is very easy to get through older friends or beer left around houses.
             In 2002 45% of seniors said it would be "fairly easy" or "very easy" for them to get some if wanted. The same thing would apply to younger teenagers its all just in who you know because cocaine is not used in anyway for medical purposes.
             The availability for amphetamines is very low because its use is for medical purposes. This must be obtained through a doctor, but there are some other street amphetamines that can be obtained the same way as cocaine.

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