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             Before, when everyone heard about the case in 1992 with the elderly woman who spilled boiling hot coffee on herself and sued McDonalds, which she ened up getting $500,000 for.there's now another case which has many people in an uproar either in support or labeling the case ridiculous. The difference is this time not just the fast food company of McDonalds is worried, but the entire food industry due to suits being filed claiming McDonald's high-calorie food made them fat. Last month lawyer Samuel Hirsch bought two kids from the Bronx to say that McDonalds was responsible for their obese state (One of the plaintifsf, a 15-year-old diabetic Ashley Pelman weighs 400 pounds). The case was thrown out of court by the judge, Robert Sweet. The judge said that McDonald's food are not more fattening than a lot of the foods people cook at home.
             The lawyer for the kids, Samuel Hirsch is attempting to prove that there are dangers in eating McDonald's food that are not commonly known. He is also saying that McDonald's engaged in "deceptive practices" in its promotion and advertising. .
             A federal judge has thrown out the lawsuit brought against McDonald's by thetwo obese teenagers. The judge declared that people are responsible for what they eat. Restaurant and other food place owners were afraid that if the case against McDonalds was successful it could bring about dozens more lawsuits against any food provider who enticed the public to eat there products. .
             The teenagers Jazlyn Bradley and Ashley Pelman who are 14 and 19 filed their suit saying that they became obese while regularly visiting two McDonald's shops in New York City. In their complaint, they said that McDonald's did not provide sufficient information about the health risks linked to its meals. Mc Donald's denied these accusations and they were also rejected by the judge. .
             I think that the judges were right in what they ruled, throwing out the cases because the plaintiffs (the obese people) failed to show that McDonalds "decieved" them into eating their food, and McDonald's has nutrition information available if you ask for it.

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