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            Catering to customers had always been the company's focal point, but to meet changing and divergent customer needs, McDonald's was exploring many different options, and management thought a basic question had to be answered. Would the chain's new concern with flexibility in meeting customers" changing needs require a fundamental change in McDonald's bedrock strategy? or was this just a new, albeit incredibly complicated, situation once again adaptable to the company's traditional approach? Early responses to new customer desire and intensifying competition represented just a piece of the company's maelstrom of creative activity. Further efforts were in progress as well. 4. Why did McDonald's undertake its collaboration? How should McDonald's proceed next? Consumers have been changing. They are worried about the effects the products or its package might have on the environment. While this awareness is growing up, a new challenge had been approached: protecting the environment. While many companies had seen the outbreak of environmentalism in the late 1980's as a threat, McDonald's saw an opportunity: the chance of knitting a responsible environmental policy into its evolving operations strategy. McDonald's take Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) as a new partner. They engaged EDF to help address environmental concerns, one aspect of increasingly complex situation in which the company now found itself. For the private corporation of McDonald's stature to collaborate with an environmental organization entailed significant risk and required willingness, by both parties, to consider new ways of thinking about operation practices. The partnership turned out to be a success, generating advances in area beyond waste reduction. McDonald's had announced its McRecycle USA. Program. They achieve to improve functionality of package, reduce waste and volume of boxes. Moreover less pollution was handled.

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