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Reading McDonald

             McDonald's is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in America, with the largest and best-known global foodservice. Much of McDonald's success is the result of its language, marketing strategies, and outstanding brand recognition. Many characteristics of American culture also contribute to the intense impact McDonald's is able to have on society. .
             The language of McDonald's plays an important role to the success of the company. Much of the food on McDonald's menu include part of the company's name, for example, McNuggets, McGrill, McSalad, McMuffin, McFlurry, and so on. By using this clever language, the McDonald's name is embedded into the memory of the public, while the business gains valuable brand recognition. This in turn causes prosperity, since people are drawn to McDonald's familiar brand and avoid other unfamiliar competition. .
             McDonald's is able to attract people of all ages with their lingo for different types of meals. They lure children with the Happy Meal and famous clown, Ronald McDonald. However, children do not come alone. Parents and grandparents usually accompany them adding to McDonald's business. They appeal to the health conscious through their McSalads, Chicken McGrills, and yogurts. They entice heavy users by supplying them with Extra Value Meals, Big Macs and Super Sized items. .
             The language used in McDonald's advertisements is also vital to business productivity. The phrases used in their commercials and advertisements are aimed at making people feel important as individuals. Their motto, "We love to see you smile," tries to make customers feel as though employees truly care about their satisfaction. .
             By creating marketing alliances, McDonald's is able to gain more brand recognition and publicity. They became the sponsor of many children charities, the National Basketball Association and the Olympics to gain support from adult customers.

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