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The Skating Party-Long Walk to Forever

            Have you ever fell in love with somebody who was already devoted to somebody else? Have you ever fell in love with two people at the same time and it turns out that they were extremely close? In The Skating Party', Nathan Singleton was torn between Eunice Lathem and her beautiful married sister Delia Sykes. In Long Walk to Forever', Catharine is also torn by his fiancé Henry Stewart Chasens, and friend and true love Newt. Both stories portray great examples of love triangles in short stories.
             The Skating Party' tells of a situation faced by Maida's Uncle Nathan. He had loved Delia at first sight, before even knowing that she was Dobson's wife, not daughter. Later on he meets Delia's sister Eunice Lathem, and eventually becomes a couple with her. Near the end, the night close to their wedding, Nathan started skating with Delia during the skating party. When they came back together, Eunice knew that her own fiancé was in love with her sister. This is a rather complicated love triangle. In reality, Nathan being in love with Delia was a thing of the past. At the end of the story, the love triangle is also comes to an end, with a choice for Nathan. Like all love triangles, it always ends with a choice. In The Skating Party', however, the choice is a matter of life and death. The love triangle also created a fairly ironic ending. Nathan says that he sees the sleeves of their coats, and he deliberately reaches for Delia.
             Long Walk to Forever' features the love triangle between Catharine, Henry, and Newt. Newt is in the army, and has returned to see his long friend Catharine. In a letter from his mother, he had found out that Catharine was to be married to Henry Stewart Chasens, and asks her to go for a walk with him. As the story progresses, Newt continues saying, "I love you- to Catharine, although it is technically too late. The walk gets longer and longer, and it never seems to end.

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