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            It was beautiful sunny day on 26th of July 1981. The air was clear after morning rain. This was a day when Jana saw the world around her for the first time. She put a smile on faces of her parents and transform their lives forever. Jana's parents were very young couple. Jana's mom stayed with her at home until Jana blow candles on her three years birthday party. Dad was finishing University degree and serving in military. Her mom was teaching in nearby school but didn't really care about Jana. Thanks to grandma Jana's childhood was full of laugh, love comfort and kisses.
             Years past by and it was time to go to first grade at new school in Prague. She didn't want to leave her grandparents. They moved to Prague an hour away from the tiny mountain city of her grandparents. She felt really lonely in big smelly city. In addition to that her parents decided not to be together and got divorced. She thought that it was her fault. I wasn't a happy time, dealing with new friend, divorce and aloneness. She had found comfort in reading books at home. She looked forward to the weekends which she spent at grandparent's house, discussing books with her grandpa.
             Time flew by and her mom got remarried to very good and responsible man, and had her brother when she turned 10 years old. Jana loved to take care of her little baby brother. He was the light if her life she wasn't alone anymore.
             She always had excellent grades so she jumped couple years in elementary school. She graduated from High school at the age of 17, making her parents proud. Her relationship with mom wasn't getting any better so Jana decided to find job, move out and pay for her language school. In six months she was living in a tiny apartment, working and studying English language at night. She was till visiting grandparent now with her little brother. In a year she had accomplished her first goal of passing a TOEFL test on the top scores.

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