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The Hobbit: Believable Elementry Essay

            The Hobbit is a story about an ordinary, thieving hobbit named Bilbo that gets caught up in some unordinary things, sending him on a dangerous quest for gold. A hobbit is a small furry creature that isn't very strong but can move incredibly fast. The story begins one afternoon with Bilbo just sitting down to tea. One at a time dwarves start showing up at his door until there are twelve of them. They them ask him to go on a quest with them, to find an incredible amount of treasure guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. They explain to him that it will be a long and dangerous journey to get to the treasure. After much persuasion Bilbo decides to go. Right from the beginning they encounter many dangers like being captured by ogres, attacked by giant spiders, crossing a poisonous river, and many more. Finally they get to the area where the cave is believed to be. Then they must search for the secret entrance to the cave. After searching for hours on end they finally find it. Since Bilbo can move the swiftest and most quietly they tell him to go find the dragon and search for a weak spot. Once he finds the dragon bilbo notices that he has armor made out of beautiful jewels covering his entire body except one spot. He also .
             notices that the dragon is sleeping on piles, and piles of gold and jewels. He quickly steals some gold and escapes. One day when the dragon goes out to eat a man named Bared from a nearby town shoots the dragon threw the spot not covered with armor. The dragon is sleighed the gold is theirs. But their troubles are far from over. Many different groups claim ownership to the gold, including some nasty ogres and some wolves. All other army's put their differences aside and decide to join together to defeat the ogres and .
             wolves. That battle was called the five-army war. .
             After a long and terrible battle they finally defeat the enemy. They come to a compromise and split up the gold into fair amounts, leaving .

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